New Scratch Games in March

Crazy Scratch and Slots and Games offer new games this month:
Play and relax with your espresso in hand in the brand new 90 balls bingo game and you could win big money prizes up to £ 200,000! Select to play up to 4 cards in a single game. 30 balls will be drawn from the machine and the aim is to match the numbers and create the same pattern per card, according to the pay table to win.

Lucky Charms
Somewhere over the rainbow is a lucky leprechaun with a pot of gold waiting for you! Select up to 8 pairs to play with, if both symbols match, you win the prize displayed. There is a £ 200,000 jackpot to be won. Wait no more, see if you’re lucky symbols bring luck today!

Adventure Jack
You are Jack, the big explorer who is on a mission to find the treasure in the deepest and darkest caves of mystery and wonder. Select to play up to 20 lines in this chillingly exciting slot game. Match the symbols on a single line, according to the paytable and you could win the £200,000 jackpot prize. But wait there’s more…There is also a hidden bonus round which could win you extra cash! Just watch out for those snakes!

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